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Whether you’re thinking of starting out to train at the gym, just trying to create some starting healthy decisions, or if you’re regular gym goer looking to switch up your current training routine – and lastly, if you’re a gym owner trying to get new members for your amazing gym – I hope you’ll find some value in the resources of this website.

Step 1… Meet Milos, The Founder Of Iron Serpent Training Systems

I’m Milos – a recreational strength athlete and an strength coaching enthusiast. My main profession is Digital Marketing Strategy and WordPress Development, a fully remote worker by trade and most importantly – a happily married father.

P.S. If you’d like to learn more about me, check out this page.

I believe that training should be enjoyable and maintainable in the long-term (with clear goals in mind)… and not just chasing squat/deadlift/bench press numbers to raise them as quickly as possible (still, getting stronger should be your priority).

Additionally, I think that you can lose fat without starving yourself and without using large amounts of costly supplements.

My mission for this blog is to provide simplified advice on strength training, conditioning and digital marketing (for gym owners) – and by doing that I’ll hopefully inspire you (the reader) to start making healthy changes to your current lifestyle.

I’m providing my advice by testing various training routines and diet approaches on my own body and reporting back my findings and my research on this website… while also sharing tips and strategies from my experiences coaching various athletes online (including recreational athletes, competitive powerlifters, and college sports athletes).

As you will learn from my articles and resources– I keep things straightforward, easy to understand, and I definitely do not “sugarcoat” anything (full transparency always works best in my opinion). This website will always relate to topics which I personally know about, and is targeted towards the following individuals:

Office Workers and Total Beginners in Fitness

I was an overweight guy who worked 10+ hours a day sitting at my desk, while I couldn’t do a single pushup or bench press an empty bar for no more than one set of 8 repetitions.

Nowadays I’m a happily married father in my thirties who is healthy, has an active lifestyle, can perform a standing ab wheel exercise for several repetitions (this means a lot to me personally) and can squat and deadlift big weights even with several rehabilitated spine injuries (most of them which were caused by my large body weight and sedentary lifestyle).

I didn’t know where to begin or how to begin – which programs to choose, how to eat (without starving myself) or how to lift without injuring myself. The articles and programs which I’ve written will hopefully help you to not spin your wheels for 3-4 years and doing things aimlessly without a clear purpose or a goal.

Regular Gym Goers and Competitive Athletes

During the past several years not only I have tested out and tried popular strength, bodybuilding and “power building” routines, but I was lucky to meet experienced strength and Olympic weightlifting coaches as well as work in private coaching groups by coaching college athletes and various other individuals online.

With that said,on this website I’m a sharing things which I believe can help you either as a regular gym goer (recreational athlete) or as a strength sports competitor, including but not limited to conditioning programs and routines, strength programs, assistance exercises, mobility drills, injury prevention, technique drills and movements, and other good stuff.

Gym Owners and Online Fitness Coaches

My main profession is digital marketing strategy and WordPress development. While not working with gym owners themselves I do have almost 10 years of practical experience in my profession as well as running a successful remote digital marketing agency with a wide range international clients.

Having that in mind, while being a regular gym member (and a home gym owner) I noticed things which could be greatly improved in the marketing and customer relations departments of a gym facility which can and will lead to more new members as well as retain current members on a long-term basis.

This is why I’m sharing articles, ebooks and personal coaching plans for gym owners which are covering topics like digital marketing (marketing funnels, websites, conversion optimization) for gym owners, digital products and memberships, offline membership strategies, customer retention strategies, and more.


Step 2… Kick Off Your Passion For The Healthy (And Strong) Lifestyle

There’s a lot of information being created on the Iron Serpent website, so here are my top picks based on the current stage of your fitness journey:

Step 3… A Personal Thank You From Milos

I’m here for you both as a guide and as a coach.

I want to hear our your struggles and what you’ve went through (or are currently battling) in your journey to become a better version of yourself. I’ll do my best to help you out, to research and test proven approaches to common fitness problems and we’ll solve them together.

I do my best to respond to your questions – and I treat everyone equally. I don’t believe that I’m smarter, fitter or in any way more special than everybody else… just an average IT guy trying to become stronger and healthier by making small steps every day.

Let’s become stronger together!

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