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Few words from me to you

I’m delighted that you’re here! If you’re reading this, that means that you’ve already made your first steps in improving your overall fitness and health so… congrats and keep going!

Let me tell you a short story...

In my early twenties, I started working in an office environment - that lasted for about 3-4 years until I've started working remotely. However, when I started working from home, that also involved sitting in front of my computer every day like it happened with my old job.

I was working prolonged hours, sometimes for over 12 hours a day (which was possible because I had almost no social life)... and while doing all that, I was doing something which was slowly ruining my health long-term - stress eating.

Instead of managing my work hours, spending some time improving my health and fitness, I closed my eyes on those solutions and just mindlessly ate junk food while continuing to work and sit on my butt.

This kind of lifestyle led me to be over 300 pounds (326 to be exact), to lose my breath while walking for 10 minutes, and to generally hate what I've done to myself while trying to fit into my old pants.

One day, I started researching fat loss methods online and discovered some amazing fitness routines, but haven't tried them because I don't like working out in my living room in front of a TV (there's nothing wrong with that, I'm just not fit for that).

While reading an article online, I stumbled upon the following quote:

"Running away from any problem only increases the distance from the solution.
The easiest way to escape from a problem is to solve it."

Makes sense, doesn't it? I believe that somewhere underneath the main point of this quote, it is also telling us to accept that solving a problem can have a hard start, but we still have to solve it instead of turning our heads the other way.

There's something else which I've found helpful... and that is that I had to accept the current unhealthy state of my body. Wasn't easy, but it had to be done.

I approached my mirror, took my clothes off and took a long hard look at what was out there. I then said to myself that it's fine, that I accept what I've done and then I vowed that the next step for this is making a step-by-step plan to solve this problem.

And so I did - I did similar steps which I also outlined in this article here. Also, let me tell you something else in the next section...

My recommended resources for office workers

These are hand-picked resources which I’ve heard about in online coaching circles. Please note that if you purchase any of these items, I’ll receive a small referral comission at no additional cost to you as described in the Affiliate Disclaimer.

Renegade Strength Club

I've heard that this is one of the most popular online coaching programs out there - sounds interesting!

Learn More

BarStarzz Fitness Programs

Does the idea of using your own body to create resistance sounds appealing? Check these guys out.

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Eat Stop Eat

If you are looking for No B.S. nutrition book to get you started, this is the right one.

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join our private Facebook Group

When I was sitting in my office researching fitness programs online, I had no idea what to do or where to start - and none of my friends were doing anything remotely similar so I couldn't ask them for advice.

Luckily for you, this isn't the case nowadays - I decided to create a private Facebook group for people who are just starting out to improve their fitness, and you are free to ask any health & fitness related questions in there, so please feel free to join us!

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