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Few words from me to you

Hey, I'm glad that you're here and that you will decide to make positive changes to your business which will get you new members to your gym.

Now, while you're reading my marketing ebook, let me tell you few short things...

When it comes to marketing, in my experience, one of the worst things a business owner can do is to try several marketing strategies at once.

This is a huge issue with brick and mortar businesses which spent their quarterly marketing budget at once to invest into different marketing materials....and then they wait for the results.

If you don't see a problem here let me tell it to you - viable, usable data.

This means that they cannot clearly track several multiple marketing channels at once and implement new changes accordingly. Things like this are definitely possible for companies with separate marketing departments, but I'm talking here about small business owners, not Fortune 500 companies.

Anyway, back to my point... I'd highly advise you to pick one smaller marketing strategy per month, and one large marketing strategy which will take approximately 3 months.

With this approach you'll be able to do the following:

  • Review your metrics on a monthly basis
  • Implement new changes and improve conversions on a monthly basis
  • Do all of that while still working on a larger marketing project

I believe that you will agree with me that this is a viable approach, and I'm sure that you're a disciplined person (you definitely are since you are a business owner), but passions and ideas tend to run rampant when we get inspired seeing different strategies like the ones outlined in my ebook.

Now before we move on, let me tell you one more thing...

My recommended resources for fitness businesses

These are hand-picked resources which I’ve heard about in online coaching circles. Please note that if you purchase any of these items, I’ll receive a small referral comission at no additional cost to you as described in the Affiliate Disclaimer.


My go-to choice for professionally designed WordPress themes which are also mobile-ready.

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One of the best email marketing tools which will help you collect leads and convert them into paying customers.

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If you need reliable and cost-effective hosting for your website, look no further. I personally use them as well.

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join our private Facebook Group

When I discussed branding basics with one of my friends (who owned a small powerlifting gym), I was baffled that he couldn't find much information about marketing for his fitness business. Don't get me wrong - there are lots of online resources related to marketing, but I haven't find a community of gym owners anywhere... yet.

With that said, I decided to create a private Facebook group for gym owners looking to improve their gym's marketing strategies, so please feel free to join us!

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