Few words from me to you

Hey, thanks for being here - I'm really glad that you've decided to upgrade your current training program and that you will hopefully start implementing Metabolic Conditioning.

While you're starting out with smart cardio, let me tell you a quick story...

One of the biggest issues which I saw while coaching others is that lots of gym regulars will rarely train their abdominals (i.e. Ab Work) or implement cardio (i.e. Cardio days).

I'm sure you're quite familiar with this situation - either you haven't been doing that, or your friends at the gym are not doing it. I'm not trying to be condescending, just pointing out the things which I've seen around multiple commercial gyms.
since I already explained the importance of cardio in my metabolic condition ebook, I won't repeat myself again - as I said, I hope that you'll start implementing it a little bit at least and be satisfied with the results.

What I will point out instead is the importance of "doing abs"

On the contrary belief, ab work is not done so you can show your sixpack on Instagram. not at all, trust me. I was lucky to see personally high-profile athletes (including Olympic weightlifters) performing abdominal exercises multiple times a week for one single reason - spine stabilization.

That's right - and notice how we're getting into functional side of things rather than having a belly that looks pretty.

Professional strongmen, weightlifters, and other strength athletes have "blocky" stomachs and this is due to immense strong cores which are in turn keeping their spine healthy, and I believe you'll agree with me that we should strive for having a strong and injury-free spine while training with big weights, right?

I'll leave you to do more research if you'd like to, but trust me - I believe you should implement at least 2 abdominal exercises per week to see these benefits (i currently work on my core 2-3 times per week).

My recommended resources for gym regulars

These are hand-picked resources which I’ve heard about in online coaching circles. Please note that if you purchase any of these items, I’ll receive a small referral comission at no additional cost to you as described in the Affiliate Disclaimer.

Renegade Strength Club

I've heard that this is one of the most popular online coaching programs out there - definitely sounds great!

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Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle

If you are looking for ways to improve your nutrition by utilizing modern approaches, check out this program

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Fat Gripz

Carry these during your Push days and improve your grip on Bench Presses and other compounds.

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