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Your New Workout Routine Awaits… on Printable Pocket-sized Spreadsheets Which You Can Carry On The Go And During Your Workouts

So here’s the thing - if you’re interested to start on my Vigorous 5x5 Strength Program, you hopefully already started making preparations when to start it, which exercises to do during which days, and how the overall weekly schedule works.

But check this out... instead of you having to all of that, I've spent a lot of hours creating an easy-to-use Fitness Journal so you don't have to spend your own precious time making arrangements JUST so you can start actually working out!

My Fitness Journal System is composed of high-quality print-ready pictures and digital spreadsheets of my Vigorous 5x5 Strength Program which you can easily print on your home printer (or access them on your mobile phone) without needing to write everything by yourself and spend countless hours before your workout.


What Is The Vigorous 5x5 Strength Program?

This program is a full-body routine for total beginners and regular gym goers which you can perform at your gym, three times a week.

Program is composed of compound movements and their variations - Back Squat, Bench Press, Rack Pulls, as well as assistance exercises like Face Pulls, Kettlebell Swings and others.

The purpose of this routine is to create a strong and powerful body while ingraining movement patterns like the Hip Hinge which is necessary for the correct execution of compound movements.


An Easy Way To Track Your Training

Professionally designed pocket-sized strength program which you can access during your training!


Vigorous 5X5 Strength Edition


One day it hit me - hey, I do have several years of professional graphics design under my belt. Why wouldn't I use my expertise and create a simple spreadsheet of my workout program which would fit on a small piece of paper? Well, that's a great idea!

I designed and tested out my newly found system (while spending a LOTS of paper) and it finally came out great - I was able to use this system of mine to easily track progress on my workouts while still being able to focus on actually performing my exercises.

Next to that, I had the whole plan laid out for my workout day - warm-up weights which I needed to do, how many warm-up sets, work sets, number of repetitions, the list of all exercises for that day... and all of that on a piece of paper which I carried in my pocket (or on my mobile phone).

Let Me Show You How This Works

1. Print your training for today...


2. Fill in your weights...


3. Your daily workout is ready!


Yes, it's that simple and I don't really know why I haven't done this much earlier... it would save me so much time - seriously, I used to spend almost 45 minutes before every workout just writing down my exercises for that day... while I could only click once and have everything ready in a matter of minutes.

If You Carry Your Mobile At The Gym... Digital Sheets Are Included!


When I started to carry my pocket-sized routines with me, lots of friends asked me to purchase something similar... but some of them liked to bring their mobile phones and check everything on it instead of carrying that piece of paper with them during a workout.

So I created something easy to use and straightforward.. a digital version of my pocket routines!

These are professionally designed spreadsheets which are also Google-compatible - meaning that if you don't want to use that spreadsheet on your phone's hard drive, with just one click you can import these spreadsheets into Google Sheets and have them in the cloud.

Calculate Your Work Weights For Whole Month In Only 3 Steps

Spreadsheet includes a calculator which will automatically pre-fill your working weights for Squat, Bench Press and Rack Pulls - you'll be able to start your workouts without having to spend time manually editing all cells.

  • Choose by Pounds (LBs) or Kilograms (KGs)
  • Auto-Populates Your Work Weights For 1 Month
  • No Manual Calculations Needed

Your Fitness Journal Comes In A Great Digital Package!

I've made sure that you'll receive a digital package which you can easily open, print out your workout and start immediately with your training.

Here's what's included in the .zip file after your purchase...

  • Printable Workout Sheets (PNG pictures)
  • Routine Spreadsheet
  • Training Program Guide eBook

In a nutshell, you'll receive a .zip file package with organized and sorted out files which you can access quickly - and I've included all necessary details in the introductory document which you'll find included with the package as well.

So... for the price of few cups of coffees, you'll have a ready-made strength program which you can easily follow and track your progress - and all that without having to spend a fortune on a personal coach or countless hours researching routines yourself online (then additional time writing everything down manually in your journal).

Still Not Sure? Check Out These Frequently Asked Questions

A set of picture files (PNG format) which you can print out on a single piece of A4 paper. An XLSX spreadsheet. My free eBook "Vigorous 5X5 Strength Program".

No problem at all. I've included a step-by-step guide on how to do this in the package which you'll receive after purchase.

Each routine comes in 2 different sizes which are printed out on a single piece of A4 paper. First size contains 2 workout logs fitting an A4 paper sheet, and second size contains 4 workout logs fitting on A4 paper sheet.

Nope! Any kind of black-and-white printer will do.

I don't offer personal coaching services at the moment, however I'll be glad to help you out inside one of our private Facebook groups.

Sure - shoot us an email here and I'll be glad to answer!

Sounds Good? Let's Get Serious About Your Training!

Thank you in advance for supporting The Iron Serpent website by purchasing this package.

I hope it will benefit you in your training and improve your current lifestyle for the better. I'll be delighted to hear out your thoughts and your results after having a clear training plan which you can easily follow without too many hassles.

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