This free ebook reveals…

simple 3-minute office stretches to prevent back pain and hip tightness

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to my "Athos" Mobility Routine which will help you with the following...

  • Reduce lower back pain
  • Make your hips more mobile
  • Warm-up your joints

This routine is simple, straightforward and uses dynamic stretching principles to warm up your upper body and your lower body… and it can be done by anyone!

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Hi, I'm Milos and I've spent years sitting at my desk 8 hours a day while living a lie that exercising 1 hour a day will somehow fix all postural problems which were created with my prolonged sitting habit.

I had back pain slowly creeping up everyday bit by bit - and being well over 300 lbs didn’t help at all.

One day I had to get an MRI - and the results shown me 2 herniated discs and partially torn hip muscles. Was it from lifting heavy weights? No… that was just the tip of the iceberg actually.

Prolonged sitting (or standing) every day was the actual reason my back finally couldn't take it anymore and “broke” down!

After experiencing this, I made it my personal mission while coaching recreational and competitive athletes online to force their bodies (and my own) to learn proper movement patterns that were ingrained the first day we learned to walk as children.


The benefits of dynamic warmups

Warm-ups like this are nothing new in the fitness community - and certainly not in the online coaching circles which I'm a proud member of.

The thing is that people think that exercising 1 hour at the gym will somehow magically fix all the issues which were created by curving your spine at the desk, slouched posture, atrophied gluteus and abdominal muscles...and much more.

Dynamic warm-ups (or mobility routines) are part of the arsenal of professional, competitive athletes - and now, they can be a part of your daily routine!

Improve Agility


Prevent Back Pain


Increase Flexibility


Start your daily office workout today and improve your health

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What does this ebook contain?

I’ve divided everything into easy-to-read sections (no technical lingo here) - and all that is packaged with exercises which you can immediately start TODAY without having to prepare physically (or mentally) for them.

One other thing… I've measured how much one session takes - and the answer is 3 minutes!


Sounds Good? Let's Start Training

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Thank you in advance for downloading this free eBook.

I hope it will benefit you by improving your current lifestyle for the better. I'll be delighted to hear out your thoughts and your results after having a clear workout plan which you can easily follow without too many hassles.