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Instead of suboptimal “cardio” days, I'd like to introduce you to Metabolic and Kinetic complexes which will help you with the following...

  • Shed fat without losing muscle
  • Recover your body before your workouts
  • Improve cardiovascular health

These conditioning routines are built for everyone, including total beginners,  and regular gym goers…. and you can implement them into your current workout routine!

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Hi, I'm Milos and I've spent years “doing cardio” and trying lots of different ways to lose fat without losing strength on my compound lifts (Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift).

However, I’ve spent a lot of time spinning my wheels constantly… meaning that every time I was doing cardio, I've lost BOTH fat AND muscle - and during my regular workout days my strength numbers were dropping.

While I was coaching other athletes online I've discovered something called metabolic conditioning, which is a form of HITT training.

I immediately implemented this form of training and discovered the following

  • My strength numbers were not affected
  • I started losing fat without losing muscle
  • I felt completely recovered and ready for my regular workout days
  • I had more speed and more power on compound lifts

After experiencing all of this, using my coaching knowledge I decided to write several different routines which will help regular gym goers like you… like it helped me!



I’m sure that you already tried HIIT training - and that type of training is nothing new to the fitness community (or to the coaching circles which I'm a proud part of).

Moreso, if you just heard about this and you’ve never tried it, I included conditioning complexes for total beginners in this free eBook.

Other forms of cardio like LISS and others have their role in the fat loss process - but what I wanted to achieve was to improve my overall conditioning, increase running speed, jumping power… and all of that without affecting my regular workout days and strength numbers.

Improve Endurance


Shed Fat


Fuel Your Muscles


Start doing smart cardio and gain more energy today

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What does this ebook contain?

I’ve divided everything into easy-to-read sections (no technical lingo here) - and all that is packaged with exercises which you can immediately start TODAY without having to prepare physically (or mentally) for them.


Sounds Good? Let's Start Training

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Thank you in advance for downloading this free eBook.

I hope it will benefit you by improving your current lifestyle for the better. I'll be delighted to hear out your thoughts and your results after having a clear workout plan which you can easily follow without too many hassles.