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This free ebook reveals…

viable marketing strategies to get more members for your gym

I'm excited to introduce you to several Guerilla (a.k.a. Offline) and Online marketing strategies which will help you to...

  • Acquire new clients for your gym
  • Retain your current members
  • Make your gym more popular locally

These strategies are explained from the grounds up and suitable for non-technical business owners so everyone can apply them easily!

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Hi, I'm Milos, a certified Digital Marketer who is working in the online marketing industry in the past 10 years.

When I started training, I went through several commercial gyms only to find that they had brand new equipment and good secondary facilities (which is great), but... they had no means of communication between gym staff and their clients.

Although that's a great way to leave people to their own training and give them space, that's also a good approach to gradually lose paid members by not learning more about their needs and not improve your relationship with your  clients.

In a nutshell, this means that you probably will not retain your current members long-term, and not improve the quality of your service (other than updating your equipment).

After seeing these issues (and some others as well) I decided to create this ebook which will help you, the owner of fitness facilities like Commercial Gyms, Crossfit Boxes, and others, improve your overall member retention rates and market your gym better on a local level to get new members.


measurable results OF marketing

I'm sure that you've already heard on how powerful online marketing is - not only considering that nowadays most "offline" businesses are operating online at higher levels but also how much awareness are they getting locally and thus acquiring new members.

But, like every business owner (including myself), we simply don't have time to implement every single thing which can improve our business because we either have other priorities to take care of or we don't have marketing departments which big companies have.

With all that in mind I created short and usable strategies which you can easily implement without much technical knowledge and start seeing results in several weeks (sometimes even shorter depending on the level of your business).

Improve Your Branding


Get New Members


Offer Quality Services


Start implementing new strategies and get new members for your gym

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What does this ebook contain?

I’ve divided everything into easy-to-read sections (no technical lingo here) - and all that is packaged with marketing strategies which you can immediately start working on TODAY without much preparations.


Sounds Good? Let's Start Training

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Thank you in advance for downloading this free eBook.

I hope it will benefit you by improving your current business for the better. I'll be delighted to hear out your thoughts and your results after having a clear marketing plan which you can easily follow without too many hassles.

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