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Join The Iron Serpent Community

Hey there! I'm Milos, founder of Iron Serpent Training Systems, and I'm pleased to give you another welcome to the Iron Serpent Community and to give you few ways on how you can get involved with our fitness movement.

Before I continue, let me tell you that at our community we highly respect each other's differences - from people that never trained at the gym over to the experienced and competitive lifters.

With that said, we don't compare ourselves with others to be better than anybody else - we strive to become the best versions of ourselves and to fulfill our short term goals which will at the end (with small steps) lead to completing the long-term goal(s).

Your first step should be... joining one of our private Facebook groups
and introducing yourself to us:

Every person is welcome to our community which is moderated personally by me - so welcome and I'll be glad to be the first one to comment and welcome you once you've joined us.

Fitness Starters

For people just starting out with their fitness journey while making changes to their nutrition and training.

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Training for Gym Goers

Training hard and making progress? This group is for regular gym goers looking for routines and form reviews.

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Marketing for Gym Owners

Are you running a gym? If you're looking to utilize marketing strategies to get new members, this is a group for you.

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More Ways To Get Involved

Printable Workout Journals

Professionally designed pocket-sized workout routines which you can access on the go and while you're working out. Includes digital versions as well.

Learn More

Recommended Resources

Hand-picked resources all over the web which I've heard about in my fitness coaching circles... and researched them thoroughly before adding them here. Now you can access them easily on one page instead of spending countless hours conducting research.

Learn More

Follow Us on Facebook and Instagram

Due to my work on this website, I'm not much active on my personal social media pages however... I do share some great information over there! Follow me on Instagram and join the discussion on the Iron Serpent Official Facebook page (which is taken care of unlike my personal social profiles).

Last, But Not The Least... Thank You!

I'm glad that you've visited this website and that you'll hopefully benefit from my experiences which I'm writing at the Iron Serpent Blog, as well as by using our products and using the resources which I'm personally recommending on the resources page.

Thank you again,

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