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This free ebook reveals…

Strength and muscle building Program for total beginners

If you never performed exercises like Squats, Deadlifts, and Bench Presses - I'm excited to introduce you to my free training program which will prepare your body by implementing movement patterns so you can perform those exercises correctly and safely… and all that while building muscle and losing fat in the process!

  • Ingrain proper tehnique on compound exercises
  • Create a strong and powerful body
  • Build up your posterior chain muscles

This workout program is suitable for everyone - including total beginners who never trained in the gym, as well as for regular gym goers who want to start on a strength training journey… and I’ve included videos and other reference material in this eBook so you can start training right away!

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Hi, I'm Milos and I've spent more than 6 years working to perfect my technique (and the tehnique of the athletes which I've coached) on exercises like Back Squat, Front Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift, Power Clean, and many others.

Before I started strength training, I had absolutely no idea if I was performing those exercises correctly - and although several training books have helped me understand the whole science, I was never 100% sure… and on top of that, I didn’t have means to pay a personal coach to review my tehnique.

My training finally came to a halt with multiple injuries - I herniated two discs in my back and partially torn my hip muscle. Exercises like this are not to blame for this, but my sedentary lifestyle and....improper movement (motor) patterns!

This means that by doing exercises incorrectly, I forced my body to perform those exercises in a bad way which eventually led to my back injuries.

Additionally, I learned that I never performed the famous “hip hinge” movement - instead, I over-extended my back constantly which curved my spine while it was under a heavy load. That is one of the most recurring issues which I've experienced when coaching recreational athletes (sedentary office workers like me).

After experiencing all of this, I created this total beginner’s strength program which would ingrain correct movement patterns and build supporting muscles before you even start training on a more serious beginners program.


The power of strength training

Basic barbell movements were always one of the most important exercises of many strong (and well built) popular athletes like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Pearl, and many others. Exercises like this provided a foundation in building powerful bodies which could transfer those muscles into their daily activities.

Goal of strength training was not just to win a competition… it was to build a strong posterior chain - abdominal, lower back muscles, hips, gluteus and legs… while also building strong backs and other muscles as a side-effect.

Once an athlete has built a strong body, that strength was easily transferable into other sports - Powerlifting, Weightlifting, various Team Sports, and others (as a side note, Arnold participated in weightlifting and powerlifting competitions before he even started doing bodybuilding shows).

Build Muscle


Create Movement Patterns


Become Stronger


Start creating a stronger
and more powerful body today

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What does this ebook contain?

I’ve divided everything into easy-to-read sections (no technical lingo here) - and all that is packaged with a training program which you can immediately start TODAY.


Sounds Good? Let's Start Training

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Thank you in advance for downloading this free eBook.

I hope it will benefit you by improving your current lifestyle for the better. I'll be delighted to hear out your thoughts and your results after having a clear workout plan which you can easily follow without too many hassles.

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