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MY free office workout routine… doable in under 3 minutes!

Download my Office Mobility Routine which you can do today in just 3 minutes – get your blood flowing back into your muscles, release those tight hips and prevent back pain and spinal injuries which are caused by long-term sitting (or standing) at your desk.

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Strength Training and Sustainable Healthy Lifestyle for the Regular Desk Jockeys

I was a desk-bound IT worker, feeling weak and looking “skinny fat” who was searching for a weight loss program just before summer was around the corner – and that happened every year, all the time. I was also Obese Type II, well over 300 lbs while not being able to do a single pushup.

I’ve beaten my body hard during the years (including spinal injuries) and tested out all popular workout programs and diets – so you don’t have to repeat my mistakes. Check out my free guides below – stop “exercising” and start training!

Total Beginner Strength Training

Become stronger and build muscle while losing fat in the process with a proven template based on old-school strength programs and its lifters.

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Metabolic Conditioning Routines

Stop “doing cardio” and start utilizing smart conditioning and active recovery for fat loss, better rest times, more power and more speed.

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Digital Marketing for Gym Owners

I’ve been in the marketing game for nearly 10 years. Read my thoughts on how to generate new members for your gym and retain current clients.

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The Case Of The Hip Hinge And Why Do You Need To Learn It... PLUS My Top 5 Hip Hinge Exercises

When I was just starting out with compound exercises like the Squat, I couldn’t understand what “going down” or “sitting back” means until I learned how to implement the Hip Hinge movement.

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Top 3 Exercises To Do While At The Office (And Improve Your Body During Work Hours)

It’s a well know notion that our backs are durable – until you’ve had a permanent spinal injury (like me).

If you are sitting or standing for 6+ hours a day, let’s discuss how you can implement simple exercises to prevent wear-and-tear of your lower back and hips.

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The Vigorous 5x5 Program - My Take on Strength Training for Total Beginners

I never had the money to pay for a certified strength coach to create a program for me – and I wasn’t aware that I should not replicate lifting tehniques of professional weightlifters (which lead to my injuries).

After writing numerous programs for the people which I’ve coached, I decided to create a simple strength training program for complete beginners which you can use before you start on more serious workout programs which are out there.

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Why Cheat Days And Binge Days Are Not A Smart Thing To Do (Diary From A Former Binge Eater)

This is something that I absolutely had to write – I’ve been battling binge eating i.e. “cheat weekends” for a long time before finally putting a stop to them by utilizing a simple system.

This approach opened a new path for me allowing me to actually enjoy my diets without insane cravings for big amounts of “cheat” food.

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Latest Product From The IronSerpent Lab

Vigorous Strength Program Training Journal

Based on my popular strength training program for beginners I’ve created printable, pocked-sized spreadsheets which you can carry on the go.

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Featured Resource

Renegade Diet

Jason’s proven approach to dieting and overall nutrition will help you get shredded in no time! I highly advise you to check this great book.

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